12mm Ocean and Alba in Smile Profile Shapes

It's that time of the year when creativity takes center stage – Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) 2023 is just around the corner and we're all set to excite the senses, leaving you smiling from ear to ear!

Let's dive into the exciting plans we have in store for this creativity-fueled festival.

Sustainable Living: Waste Not. 25th May 14:00 - 15:00

Mark your calendars for a thought-provoking panel discussion, and join our Head of Market Engagement, Emily Skinner, as she teams up with industry experts including Fredrik Franzon from BAUX and Sophie Rochester from Yodomo. The panel aims to explore innovative and progressive ways to transform waste into valuable resources within businesses built on the principles of circularity. Get ready to unlock a world of sustainability and discover how small changes can make a big impact.

Wilbur Collection by James UK, in Charcoal
Wilbur Collection by James UK, in Charcoal

Pull Up a Stool at Stand B9, British Collection

Smile Plastics has partnered with acclaimed British furniture brand, James UK, for an exciting collaboration. The Wilbur collection features a never-before-seen range of barstools, low chairs and a coffee table crafted with Smile Plastics materials. The collection is a tribute to design and functionality, allowing for flexibility in application and choice of finishes.

Perfectly suited for contemporary commercial spaces, the organic shape of the frame appears to squeeze the seat and tabletop into position - adding a touch of uniqueness to any environment. So, why not come along and take a seat?

Kerf Collection by Make Relief. Grey Mist, Spectra and Ocean
Kerf Collection by Make Relief. Grey Mist, Spectra and Ocean

Meet the Kerf Collection at Stand G2, New Designers

The Kerf side table/stool is constructed entirely from just one sheet of 100% recycled plastic. Each sheet displays vertical machined flutes before being heated and formed around a cylindrical jig. The result - a unique, seamless side table or stool. Bespoke sizes and colour options are also possible, in Grey Mist, Ocean and Spectra.

Discover the full collection by Make Relief.

Smile Plastics Collection Set
Smile Plastics Collection Set

Pick up a Smile Sample at EDGE Showroom

While in town for Clerkenwell Design Week, don't miss your opportunity to visit our collection at EDGE showroom in Marylebone. It's a hub where material suppliers and specifiers come together, showcasing the world's most sustainable brands, including Smile Plastics.

Get hands-on with samples of our innovative materials and witness their quality and materiality firsthand. EDGE is your gateway to a world of sustainable possibilities. So, don't miss out!

CDW 2023 is set to be a remarkable event. From thought-provoking conversations on sustainable living to stunning collaborations with critically acclaimed brands. Come and immerse yourself in the world of eco-conscious creativity and don't miss the opportunity to experience the versatility and beauty of Smile Plastics materials firsthand.