Heron takes flight

Whilst in the wild, spotting a Heron can be fairly rare, here at Smile Plastics, our brand-new material of the same name is very much in stock and ready to take flight in your next project.

With layered feathery soft grey tones, a smattering of yellow hues, warm ochre flecks, black and blizzard white, it’s hard to imagine that Heron came from humble beginnings. But, in fact, it was created from the staple kitchen fixtures we use every day.

Would-be discarded white goods make up the foundations of the Heron mix, bringing a unique aesthetic and colour palette that is less reminiscent of its original material make-up and more alike the appearance of the statuesque bird after which it was named.

As with all our materials, remnants of Heron’s previous life can be spied on its surface. Thus, providing a subtle and creative nod to the part it plays in the circular lifecycle that our built environment’s future crucially relies on.

Available in 3000mm x 1200mm x 5, 12 or 20mm sheets, and other small format sizes, it’s the perfect addition to your sustainability-conscious commercial scheme, from workplace, to hospitality, co-living to BTR.

Heron Flat Lay by Smile Plastics
Heron Flat Lay by Smile Plastics

After previewing as part of our Geometric Jungle installation at London Design Festival’s Material Matters showcase, and being the focus of our sell-out, hands-on material workshop & CPD at Marylebone’s EDGE showroom – both last month – we’re excited to be offering readily-available stock for commercial projects of all sizes and turnaround timescales. No job’s too big, no timeframe too short.

If you’d like to find out more about Heron, please head over to its dedicated product page. And if you’re ready to order a sample, you can do so here. Our team is also on hand to answer any queries you may have, get in touch.

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