Charcoal 20mm. TotemStool by Michael Marriott. Photographer Ansgar Sollman


Made from

Plastic packaging

Charcoal is a Classics material with white streaks giving it a “zhuzh” that draws the eye in. We’d say stars at night or gracefully smudged chalk on a blackboard.

What about you? Whatever it says to you, Charcoal is a versatile canvas for your design. Perfect for quietly making a statement, it can also be backlit to bring the details in the pattern out even more.

Charcoal is made from reclaimed medical equipment, combined with “waste” food packaging. Could it be just what the doctor ordered?

Charcoal 20mm tabletop. Workstories Air Coffee Table
Charcoal 20mm and Ash wood. ROKKI Stool/Sidetable @studiovonmorgen
Charcoal 20mm tabletops for Haut District. Francois and Studio Jacc. Imagery: Perrier Li

Panel Specifics


Hand prepared PET


Up to 90kg – dependant on panel size and thickness

Panel Sizes

Supersize Panels

3000 × 1200mm

Large Panels

2000 × 1000mm

Mid Panels

1200 x 1000mm


1000 x 200mm, 2000 x 200mm

Mid Tiles

500 x 500mm


5mm, 12mm, 20mm

The listed board thicknesses are nominal. Thermal expansion of some sheets can be 2mm per metre over a 10 degree Celsius range.

Pattern Examples

We make up batches of Charcoal material in 5-10 tonne lots and the ratio of white and silver in the material may vary slightly between batches.