Grey Mist. Bureau by Roz Barr Architects

Grey Mist

Made from

Plastic packaging

Come walk with us, amidst the rolling mist and the hushed hills…

Sorry for waxing a bit lyrical there, but it’s only because Grey Mist was inspired by walks in the Welsh hills close to where Smile Plastics are headquartered. It’s a beautiful area, full of natural poetry.

So, put your cynicism to one side and let your imagination wander. Don your wellies, pack your woollies and thermos, and use Grey Mist to create your own landscape.

Grey Mist 20mm. Atelier Réalité The Capsule Cafe
Grey Mist 20mm. Atelier Réalité The Capsule Cafe
Grey Mist 40mm. Silo London. Images by Sam Harris

Panel Specifics




Up to 90kg – dependant on panel size and thickness

Panel Sizes

Supersize Panels

3000 × 1200mm

Large Panels

2000 × 1000mm

Mid Panels

1200 x 1000mm


1000 x 200mm, 2000 x 200mm

Mid Tiles

500 x 500mm


5mm, 12mm, 20mm

The listed board thicknesses are nominal. Thermal expansion of some sheets can be 2mm per metre over a 10 degree Celsius range.

Pattern Examples

We make up batches of Grey Mist material in 5-10 tonne lots and batches will vary depending on the type of packaging we find. There will always be a base of grey, though the shade and intensity will vary between batches, and occasionally there may be a few inclusions of another colour.