Heron in Fir Green. In application by Smile Plastics

Heron in Fir Green

Made from

White goods

With its roots planted firmly in nature, Heron in Fir Green takes creative cues from woodland for its refreshing colour palette of earthy khaki, muted sage, warm ochre, and pebble grey.

The material foundations for this surface couldn’t have been drawn further from the forest, but through the power of innovation, discarded kitchen appliances are given a new lease of life that draws on the calm and beauty of our natural surroundings, while offering a practical surface solution for comforting commercial interiors.

12mm Heron in Fir Green. Flat lay by Smile Plastics
12mm Heron in Fir Green. Flat lay by Smile Plastics
Heron in Fir Green 2000mm x 1000mm panel

Panel Specifics


Hand prepared High Impact Polystyrene


Up to 80kg – dependant on panel size and thickness

Panel Sizes

Supersize Panels

3000 × 1200mm

Large Panels

2000 x 1000mm

Mid Panels

1200 x 1000mm


1000 x 200mm, 2000 x 200mm

Small Panels

500 x 500mm

Often the Supersize, Large and Mid panels will arrive slightly larger – in the range of 1-5cm.


5mm, 12mm, 20mm

The listed board thicknesses are nominal. Thermal expansion of some sheets can be 2mm per metre over a 10 degree Celsius range.

Pattern Examples

We make up batches of Heron material in 5-10 tonne lots and batches will vary depending on the raw material available. There may be colour inclusions that can vary in ratio and tone between batches. Here are some examples of current and previous batches of Heron in Fir Green.

Heron Capsule Collection Available for Order