5mm Spectra. Ed Boaden's bathroom panelling @rhodaadenle


Made from

Plastic packaging

As its name suggests, Spectra is an illuminating product – in every sense of the word. Created from PET packaging waste with elements of Kaleido, colourful, energetic fragments of Spectra’s previous life run through its core.

The pairing of these flecks with an otherwise translucent aesthetic offers a moment of clarity. Spectra provides a nod to our current reliance on plastic PPE, while serving as a reminder of the polluted waterways that flow directly into our oceans. While its creation may be rooted in a rather uncertain present, though, this beautiful material undoubtedly lights the way to a brighter future.

Spectra in application for Smile Plastics
12mm Spectra shape by Smile Plastics
20mm 2000mm x 1000mm Spectra - backlit

Panel Specifics




Up to 90kg – dependant on panel size and thickness

Panel Sizes

Supersize Panels

3000 × 1200mm

Large Panels

2000 × 1000mm

Mid Panels

1200 x 1000mm


1000 x 200mm, 2000 x 200mm

Small Panels

500 x 500mm


5mm, 12mm, 20mm

The listed board thicknesses are nominal. Thermal expansion of some sheets can be 2mm per metre over a 10 degree Celsius range. Spectra is a translucent material.

Pattern Examples

We make up batches of Spectra material in 5-10 tonne lots and batches will vary depending on the type of packaging we find. The shade and intensity will vary between batches with varying inclusions of multi-colour.