Grey Mist 20mm bar top by Silo Restaurant. Image: Sam Harris
Charcoal 20mm tabletops. Silo Restaurant. Image: Sam Harris

Tables and Countertops

Our materials are ideally suited for tabletop and countertops. They can be combined with other materials to create innovative surfaces that are resolutely oriented toward the future of furniture. With all our materials, each table top will be unique. The colour and patterns can vary from one coffee table to another, which is the charm of using our 100% recycled plastic panels.

Alba and Charcoal 20mm side tables. Studio 10
Alba 20mm kitchen designed by Bazar Point Studio. Image by Florian Bérenguer
Custom HIPS 20mm. Smile Plastics x Roz Barr
Custom HIPS 20mm. Smile Plastics x Roz Barr

A fully circular product

Meta is a striking exterior meeting table and bench designed to visually encourage people to gather in outdoor spaces. It is compact enough to fit through a normal door or lift up to a rooftop garden or a balcony.

Our recycled plastic materials are ideally suited to tabletop applications like this, as they are easy to clean and require little maintenance. They can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing for a wide range of design options, and making for a convenient choice for busy households or commercial spaces.

Grey Mist 20mm. Meta | Table - MARK Product