Classic Materials in Profile Shapes.
Classic Materials in Profile Shapes.

New identity, same values: Let us show you what we’re made of.

You may have noticed that we look a little different. Slightly sharper. And more polished, perhaps? This is all thanks to a brand spanking new identity and website to boot, designed by esteemed London-based design agency, Spin.</p

Since we opened our doors in the 1990s, the global commitment to a more sustainable future has – thankfully – gained momentum. All the while, we’ve been a vanguard of the zero-waste movement.

To reaffirm our status as such, we’re extremely proud to present our fresh brand, and simple-to-use website to showcase the products that you all know and love, plus some surprise additions.

Putting a Smile on your waste

The rebranding process was grounded in our ongoing mission to shift perceptions about waste. In response, Spin developed a dynamic, living and responsive visual language for us, delivering a range of assets including an identity concept, a bespoke typeface, animations, printed matter and social media layouts.

“We developed an identity based on the core idea of reconfiguration, reinforcing Smile Plastics’ mission to change people’s perceptions around waste via innovation and to inspire more people about sustainability and recycling”, explains Patricia Finnegan, designer at Spin, London.

“The circular ‘S’-marque with its different configurations alludes to ‘smiles’, as well as to recycling, and formed the seed out of which we developed a bespoke typeface.”

We loved that Spin not only captured our passion for recycling and the essence of our name within the typeface, but they also introduced the element of surprise that we are well-known for.

Coral Dapple Food Platter and Profile Shapes.
Coral Dapple Food Platter and Profile Shapes.
Classic Materials in Profile Shapes.
Classic Materials in Profile Shapes.

Sustainability, supersized

In addition to the launch of our new brand identity and website, we have also bolstered our operational and product offering.

You can now access a cutting and fabrication service, which provides in-house support from our optimisation specialists. This is especially beneficial for bespoke projects, allowing you complete design customisation.

For the first time, product panels can be made ‘supersize’ in XL 3m x 1.2m. This extends from the Classics range, which includes the unmistakable Alba – made from reclaimed and recycled yoghurt pots, and the mesmeric Kaleido – created from used cosmetics bottles – to the limited-edition Coral Dapple, which is made from recycled chopping boards and takes visual cues from marble.

Furthering our dedication to sustainability, we have also launched a buyback scheme, which closes the loop on our manufacturing process. End-of-use materials will now be accepted, diverting any would-be waste and enabling it to instead be recycled and re-used.

With the launch of our new identity and website, plus our new operational and product offering, we certainly have a lot to smile about. And as our valued customer, client and friend, you do too.

What do you think of our new look? Let us know!