Slate, Quarry and Brecon, from Smile Plastics' Earth Collection
Slate, Quarry and Brecon, from Smile Plastics' Earth Collection

Launching as part of Smile Plastics' 30 year anniversary celebrations, and representing a marked departure from our signature bold, almost painterly style, the new Earth Collection embraces the nuanced, intricate patterning found in the fine detail of solid natural matter.

Driven by a desire to celebrate our natural surroundings in all their many facets while encouraging a change in the perception around how synthetic materials could or should look, the Earth Collection offers greater choice for commercial interior designers in line with the versatility of our materials.

With a pared back colour palette offering comfort and reassurance, and inspired by the our beloved Welsh countryside, waterways, hills, and caverns, there’s a solidity about this collection that seeks to ground us while forging a connection between people and the planet – the very reason for our inception back in 1994. Whether used in collaboration or as a single material focal point, the collection’s six colour options offer a steadying, positive presence with the ability to work harmoniously and bring any setting down to Earth.

Mawn in application by Smile Plastics


The deep, earthy hues of Mawn are reminiscent of the peatlands of the Welsh countryside. Supporting key habitats, and providing a natural carbon store for climate regulation, these fabled environments have provided a constant source of inspiration for stories, songs, and now, surface materials.

Thanks to its solid colour distribution, Mawn, created from discarded, 100% recycled plastic, has been crafted to work harmoniously with all elements of a commercial interior design scheme, evoking the calm and comfort of our beloved outdoors wherever it sits.

Brecon in application by Smile Plastics


The Brecon material has a speckled base palette of golden yellow, light greys, and white, giving off a calming, natural aesthetic, which subtly evokes the outdoors and casts the mind to the soft reeds that line the Severn’s riverbank. Rather than clamour for attention, Brecon’s understated combination of hues works seamlessly with its surroundings, reflecting nature’s astute ability for achieving perfect balance.

Slate in application by Smile Plastics


With a nod to the slate quarries and caverns rooted in Smile’s Welsh heritage, the new Slate material comprises a palette of deep mossy green with glimmers of white. Taking visual inspiration from the nuanced tones of earthy material matter, subtle detailing, created through Slate’s unique material mix, results in a dynamic, engaging textural effect suited to contemporary commercial interior schemes.

Quarry in application by Smile Plastics


A rich red shade sets the tone for Quarry, a new surface material made from 100% recycled plastic. With a visual appearance that sits between lava and volcanic sediment, tonally reminiscent of the sea-soaked beach at Black Rock Sands, this fiery surface solution – with lighter specks of the materials’ former life glinting through for added impact – blazes a trail in terms of what’s possible when creating organic-inspired commercial interiors products for your next scheme.

Limestone in application by Smile Plastics


Channelling the cool, calmative attributes of natural stone, the Limestone material offers a pared back beauty – slightly rugged and weather-beaten – just like the boulders you might expect to find atop the remote peaks of the Brecon Beacons or The Black Mountain Range.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, Limestone takes inspiration from, and respects, the natural environment. Subtle in appearance with flecks of white in amongst grey/pink tones, layers upon layers of understated detail – the likes of which you’d expect to find in nature – make Limestone a dynamic choice for commercial interior schemes.

Grey Mist (furthest right in application at 'Bureau' by Roz Barr Architects)

Grey Mist

Come walk with us, amidst the rolling mist and the hushed hills…

Sorry for waxing a bit lyrical there, but it’s only because Grey Mist was inspired by walks in the Welsh hills close to where Smile Plastics is headquartered. It’s a beautiful area, full of natural poetry.

With this in mind, it seemed a natural fit that this Classics material should move into Smile’s brand new Earth Collection; so don your wellies, pack your woollies and thermos, and use Grey Mist to create your own landscape.

Embracing the ethos that a material's journey enhances its appeal, we are really proud to introduce the Earth Collection. Like our belief in celebrating imperfections, each recycled plastic surface tells a story of transformation. These stories are woven into the hues of Mawn, the calm balance of Brecon, the nod to our heritage in Slate, Quarry, Limestone, and the poetic mysticism of Grey Mist; all showcasing the nuanced charm of the Welsh landscape. By incorporating these surfaces, you not only bring nature indoors but also contribute to a healthier, circular manufacturing process – a crucial step for our built environment's sustainability.

The Earth Collection is available to specify now in 3000mm x 12000mm and 1500mm x 1200mm sheets, in 5, 12 and 20mm thicknesses.

Earth Collection sample set
Earth Collection sample set

Order your Earth Collection sample set to see the new materials for yourself.