Whale, whale, whale, look what we have here... Orca, our new material release!!


The sample material from our Classics Collection varies both within the panel area and between panels. A sample only gives you a general indication of the detail of a full-sized panel. Our Classics samples can be purchased as a full set of 7 or as individual samples in 240mm x 240mm. We recommend reviewing all our panel sizes or purchasing a larger piece to see more of the pattern.

Full Classics Collection

7 x 100mm x 60mm x 12mm | £21 inc. VAT


Combining the beauty of craftsmanship with innovation - the Classics Collection reimagines end-of-life material into new products. They are designed to combine together or stand as individual statement materials, evoking a rich recycling journey.

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Individual Small Samples

240mm x 240mm

We recommend purchasing a 240mm x 240mm sample to see more of the unique pattern and quality of our Classics Collection. Simply order by selecting your material option above and choosing the thickness required. If it's a larger piece you're after, please get in touch for a quote.