Cutting and Finishing

While our materials are produced as flat sheets, they are incredibly versatile. You can thermoform them into 3D structures; cut, glue, screw and mill them - opening up a vast scope of possibilities. In addition, the panels are solid and consistent throughout so you can create beautiful edge detailing with minimal finishing required.

Our Services

We offer a cutting and finishing service on all our materials from the production of semi-finished parts to finished products. Our material engineers have the knowledge and expertise to advise and deliver on projects of all scales. We tailor our service to help you realise your creative ambitions.

Our services include:
• Product design engineering / 3D CAD CAM
• CNC cutting/drilling
• Circular saw cutting
• Finishing and assembly of parts

20mm Alba. Hand routed finish
In-house Wall Saw Cutting

Cut to Size Pieces

As well as providing large format sheet sizes for your projects, we offer a bespoke sheet-cutting service for when jobs require precision requirements. We can quote to supply any of our materials to the exact shape or size you need.

CNC Routing and Laser Cutting

With our in-house advanced 3-axis CNC machining capabilities, we offer an incredibly accurate way of cutting our solid surface panels. We can pre-cut shapes with different profiles like table tops or components in cabinetry. This can reduce your shipping costs and we can recycle the skeleton waste and milled shavings, reintroducing them into future products.

We do not recommend laser cutting our Classics materials. If laser cutting is integral to your design, we may be able to create a Custom material that is more compatible with this technology. However, Laser etching can work well with our PET Classics materials. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our Material engineers.

20mm Alba. CNC routing to create tile effect panel

Edge Finishing

Our highly skilled fabricators have the expertise and equipment to provide machined or manual edge finishing. The edge finishing on offer includes chamfers and fillets. Several types of joints are also available upon request. Contact us to discuss.

Hand Deburred Edge
Chamfered Edge
Fillet Edge
Bullnose Edge
Lap Joint
Stepped Joint
Tongue & Dado Joint