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The Classics Collection in profile shapes.

The materials

Our small-run production, innovative techniques and hand-prepared approach, creates a unique assortment of the unusual and distinctive. Our materials are full of creativity and individuality, perfectly suited to a multitude of applications.


Highly versatile
Wide range of applications from products and furniture to large-scale sculpture and construction

Good consistency between panels, but each one will have its own distinct pattern

Each panel is composed by hand

100% recycled and 100% recyclable

Easily cared for
The materials are easy to work with, clean and maintain

No VOC off-gassing
All the Classics range materials are made from chemically inert recycled plastics. There may be trace levels of VOC, as well as aromas from the products’ previous life


Hard, dense and rigid
Though we can produce softer, rubber-like Custom materials

100% waterproof
Mould and weather resistant

Solid and consistent
Allowing you to have a solid and consistent decorative edge

Moderate scratch resistance
It can be refinished

Moderate UV resistance
Except for our Alba material, which has low UV resistance. It can be refinished to restore its original aesthetic

Can be heat-formed into shapes

Matt / planed finish and can be polished

We offer a cutting service, buyback scheme and can make Custom materials to order

Our materials can be machined, drilled, cut (router, CNC), water cut and fixed using adhesives and screws

Please read our handling instructions and data sheets before making an order, so that you can assess our materials for your intended application

There’s an almost limitless number of ways to use our materials, with the following applications proven to be
particularly successful:

Note: We generally don’t recommend our materials for kitchen countertops


Store and Exhibition Design
Plinths, displays, cabinets, signage and partitions

Bar / Cafe / Restaurant Design
Countertops, tabletops, partitions and bathrooms

Office Design
Tabletops, shelving, seating and bathrooms

Product and Furniture Design
From jewellery to homeware, to dining tables, both indoor and outdoor

Panels, countertops, splashbacks, cabinet doors, furniture and shelving

Playgrounds, swimming pools and spas

Bathroom Design
Bathroom panels, wet rooms, cabinet doors, counters, bathroom furniture and shelving

Supersize Kaleido Panel

Our panels are arranged by hand before pressing, creating a dynamic combination of innovation and artistry. Our Classics samples and small panels are available to purchase through the website. Contact us for pricing and quotes on our larger sizes.

Your project focus could be a waste stream sourced material, aesthetic driven or application focused. If so, why not blend a Custom material with us? Our material engineers have years of gathered experience, offering technical and material advice to help you realise your creative ambitions.

Develop Your Design.

Looking to be inspired?


Our decorative surface panels are high in quality, solid throughout and designed to last. They can be easily refinished or repurposed for other projects. We advise reading our handbooks prior to starting any creative project. If you have a specific material question, please get in touch to discuss.

These guidelines set out our recommendations for storing, caring for and working with our materials. They are not exhaustive and we are continually testing new possibilities with our materials.

Our Data Sheets provide guidelines for how to use Smile Plastics materials. They are only indications and may not represent the actual material being used in the products.