Recycled Plastic Materials: A Story in Every Surface

Our UK production, innovative techniques, and hand-prepared approach form a unique assortment of unusual and distinctive sustainable materials. Our eco friendly materials are full of creativity and individuality, perfectly suited to a multitude of commercial applications.

Alba raw material
Alba raw material

Collection Materials

Our collection materials are available in a supersize 3000x1200mm – making them perfect for commercial projects large or small. Panels are supplied with a single-sided semi-matt finish as standard, or can be finished for double-sided applications at an additional cost. There will be some variation in pattern between batches – all part of their charm.

Elements of the Welsh coast and countryside, with all its irregularities and nuances, can be seen in the beautifully unique, low carbon, sustainable materials we produce. Every surface tells a different story. And that’s something we champion and celebrate.



Highly versatile

Wide range of applications from recycled plastic products and furniture to large-scale sculpture and construction


Good consistency between panels, but each one will have its own distinct pattern

Easily cared for

The materials are easy to work with, clean and maintain

No VOC off-gassing

All of our collection materials are made from chemically inert recycled plastics. There may be trace levels of VOC, as well as aromas from the products’ previous life

Material Properties


Hard, dense and rigid

Though we can produce softer, rubber-like Custom materials

100% waterproof

Mould and weather resistant

Solid and consistent

Allowing you to have a solid and consistent decorative edge

Moderate scratch resistance

It can be refinished

Moderate UV resistance

Moderate UV resistance except for our HIPS materials (Alba and the materials in our Heron Collection), which are for internal applications only


Can be heat-formed into shapes


Matt / planed finish and can be polished


We offer a cutting service, buyback scheme and can make Custom materials to order

Our materials can be machined, drilled, cut (router, CNC), water cut and fixed using adhesives and screws

Please read our handling instructions and data sheets before making an order, so that you can assess our recycled plastic materials for your intended application

NB. We generally don’t recommend our materials for kitchen countertops

Potential Applications


Hospitality Design

Countertops, tabletops, partitions, bathrooms, toilet cubicles

Bathrooms and Washrooms

Bathroom panelling, wet rooms, cabinet doors, splashbacks, counters, bathroom furniture and shelving

Office Design

Tabletops, shelving, seating, bathrooms

Retail Design

From visual display, and retail windows to furniture and jewellery design

Residential Design

Panels, countertops, cabinetry, dining tables, both indoor and outdoor

Event and Exhibition Design

Plinths, display counters, cabinets, signage, partitions, and furniture

Custom PET material. Terracycle x Sarah Chapman
Custom PET material. Terracycle x Sarah Chapman

Looking for something else?

Custom material development combines our in-house expertise and your vision to create a recycled plastic material that is uniquely distinct. Our material engineers have years of gathered experience, offering technical and material advice to help you realise your creative ambitions.

Create personalised recycled plastic textures in a range of colours, patterns, and styles that encapsulate your brand identity or utilises a specific waste stream. Our in-house experts reimagine your vision or end-of-life plastic materials into beautiful new sustainable products.

Custom metallic fleck terrazzo-effect material
Custom metallic fleck terrazzo-effect material
Custom Ocean material featuring marine litter
Custom Ocean material featuring marine litter

The freedom to create, the constant quest for beautiful materials, and the transmission of exceptional know-how – which enables the creation of 100% recycled plastic panels for interiors – forge the uniqueness of Smile Plastics.

Earth Collection Available to Specify Now