20mm Alba. Klättermusen, King's Road, London.
20mm Alba. Klättermusen, King's Road, London.




King's Road, London



Scaling New Sustainable Heights

20mm Alba. Klättermusen, King's Road, London.

Peak Retail Design

‘Sustainability and high-quality design’ was the brief for Klättermusen’s first UK store, which opened on the King's Road in London in December 2023.

Partnering with WDC Creative, the outdoor clothing and mountaineering equipment brand, founded in 1975, emphasised the need for a premium aesthetic and focus on sustainable materials that reflected the brand’s identity; so, naturally, our Alba material was a perfect fit for the retail space.

Using 3 Alba panels, sized 3000x1200x20mm and weighing 21 kg each, Klättermusen (which directly translates to 'mountain mouse') redirected 63kg of plastic waste from landfill.

The Concept

The 969-square-foot space marks the beginning of Klättermusen’s European expansion. With stores in China, Japan and South Korea, and retail presences in stores such as Sneakersnstuff, Selfridges and END, the ‘neighbourhood store’ features a curated selection of best sellers.

Echoing Klättermusen’s brand mission, the project aimed to utilise innovative materials and solutions and therefore minimise environmental impact. Putting the product at the centre of the design was pivotal, ensuring an intimate and seamless experience for the customer.

20mm Alba. Klättermusen, King's Road, London.
20mm Alba. Klättermusen, King's Road, London.

The Design

When designing the store, four key areas were focussed on; design, materials, fit-out and fixtures.

Alongside our 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic panels, which adorn the checkout counter and product displays, the materials used in the store were chosen not only for their sustainable beginnings, but their endings; from mild steel chosen for its longevity and recyclability, to soft furnishings made from recycled fabrics – the materials in the store were carefully curated to not only be beautiful, but responsible, too.

The whole store has been designed for disassembly with simple timber joints and mechanical fixings, eradicating the need for permanent fixings and glues and creating a sustainable end-of-life solution that will allow Klättermusen to deconstruct and reuse or recycle the building materials.

20mm Alba. Klättermusen, King's Road, London.
20mm Alba. Klättermusen, King's Road, London.

The Ascent to Eco-Friendly Retail Interiors

“In the journey towards sustainability, every choice counts. Our collaboration with Klättermusen for their King's Road store exemplifies this ethos. As a brand deeply committed to sustainability and high-quality design, Klättermusen's vision aligns seamlessly with ours. Through the use of our Alba material, we've not only contributed to the creation of a visually stunning retail space but also enabled Klättermusen to redirect a significant amount of pre- and post-consumer plastic away from landfill. It's a testament to the power of innovative materials and thoughtful design in shaping a more sustainable future.”— Smile Plastics co founder, Rosalie McMillan

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