Alba and Charcoal in 20mm. LUSH Cosmetics Bristol
Alba and Charcoal in 20mm. LUSH Cosmetics Bristol


LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics




Alba, Charcoal, Black Dapple

Lending LUSH a hand in achieving optimum store sustainability

At Smile, we’ve long been collaborators of LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, first supporting the brand back in 2016. In the last year alone, through specifying Smile product for their store interiors, the Dorset born brand has diverted around 12 tonnes of would-be waste from landfill, (around the same weight as two African bush elephants!)

With a shared value system of contributing to a more sustainable world, our 100% recycled 100% recyclable plastic panels form the perfect platform from which to showcase their hugely popular, scent-sational cosmetics, which includes bath bombs, soap, shampoo, and much more.

In LUSH stores, from London’s Oxford Street to Bristol’s Cabot Circus, you’ll find our materials used in abundance, and in all manner of ways, as part of the brand’s reduce, reuse, recycle ethos.

Alba in 20mm. LUSH Cosmetics Bristol
Charcoal in 20mm. LUSH Cosmetics Bristol

The concept

For the interiors of LUSH stores, a synergy must exist between its products and the materials it uses for its schemes. In short, the ingredients of chosen fixtures and fittings need to be as carefully considered as those used in the cosmetics themselves. Gui Figueiredo, responsible for Lush Shop and Space Planning, explains:

“I wanted to create an experience that speaks to the customer on a deeper level. Our products are already visually stunning so for the store layout I focussed on something both functional and meaningful. Bringing our customers to a place where they feel inspired and energised. It’s all about translating Lush’s ethics into a physical space that embodies our values and messages through design and materials being used.”

In addition to working with sustainably-sound material partners, displays are circulated between stores, pop-ups, and events, to ensure that as well as having strong eco-credentials to begin with, these are elevated further through the continuation of an afterlife wherever possible.

Alba in 20mm. LUSH Cosmetics Bristol
Alba and Charcoal in 20mm. LUSH Cosmetics Bristol
Alba and Charcoal in 20mm. LUSH Cosmetics Bristol

The design

For the latest LUSH retail scheme in Bristol – which sees the doubling of the company’s previous unit in the city - our product is used for all surfaces and countertops. A combination of panels in our Alba and Charcoal sit alongside upcycled elements, such as furniture, altogether resulting in the creation of a comprehensive closed-loop material palette. Similar schemes feature in London and beyond.

As well as meeting the brief in terms of embodying circular economy principles, our materials are aesthetically symbiotic with the LUSH products due to their unique, beautifully irregular appearance. Whether it be the glimmer of yoghurt pot foil in Alba; the striking monochrome palette of Charcoal’s reclaimed mixture of medical equipment and food waste packaging; or the dramatic dappled effect of Black Dapple, the pairing of the latest LUSH offerings with our material mixes culminates in an unparalleled visual feast.

“LUSH is without a doubt the leading retailer of eco-conscious cosmetics in the UK, and one with which we are extremely proud to be material partners. The engaging aesthetics of Smile surfaces work in perfect harmony with LUSH’s sensory products – not to mention our shared sustainability values – giving customers an all-round unforgettable retail experience which is crucial for the future of our high streets. ”— Smile Plastics co founder, Rosalie McMillan