40mm Custom PET for Sneakersnstuff
40mm Custom PET for Sneakersnstuff




Venice Beach, Los Angeles


Custom PET wash in ombré

Sustainable Materials, From Sunrise to Sunset

Treading Lightly on the Earth

Sneakersnstuff was established in 1999 from a passion for the vibrant culture revolving around sneakers, fashion, art, music, and basketball. The brand places a strong emphasis on giving back to the community and the planet through various sustainable initiatives and contributions.

In 2019, marking its 20th anniversary, Sneakersnstuff unveiled its sixth global store on the iconic Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California.

40mm Custom PET for Sneakersnstuff
40mm Custom PET for Sneakersnstuff

The Concept

This store not only served as a retail space for premium sneakers but also as a hub for events, community engagement, and unique brand experiences. Sneakersnstuff are no strangers to multi-use spaces, having opened bars and restaurants in some of their other retail locations such as ‘SNS Bar NYC’.

The concept behind their Venice location was to foster a platform for artistic expression, local engagement, and community involvement, transcending the traditional boundaries of a retail store. Every Sneakersnstuff location aims to showcase art and creativity, and bring a fun element to premium sneakers and fashion.

The Design

Inspired by the rich history and spirit of Venice Beach, the design of the Los Angeles store reflects a fusion of cultural influences from both Mexico and Venice, Italy. Designed by Jenny Askenfors from Bofink Design Studio, the store seamlessly integrates into the vibrant Venice Beach community and reflects everything that makes Los Angeles, particularly Venice, unique.

A standout feature is the central S-shaped display table, resembling the winding canals of Venice, which was one of the first things customers would see upon entering the shop. Smile Plastics were asked to create a display that would echo the brilliant sunsets, visible from the store’s beachfront location, that Venice Beach is famous for. The table’s design incorporates elements reminiscent of Venice’s mooring poles, adorned with brass endings crafted by Goran Kling which offer subtle nods to the store's past and present inspirations.

40mm Custom PET for Sneakersnstuff
40mm Custom PET for Sneakersnstuff
40mm Custom PET for Sneakersnstuff

A small, but stylish, environmental footprint

“We relished this opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of furniture for a one-of-a-kind brand, and it's no surprise that this project has become and remains one of our favourites. The 7 handcrafted panels, blended together to capture a sunset scene and placed alongside each other to mirror Venice's canals, work with the large statement pieces and small, considered details by Bofink Design Studio that make Sneakersnstuff Venice Beach so iconic.”— Smile Plastics co founder, Adam Fairweather

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