ACAD Chair for Harewood Biennial 2022, crafted using Blue Dapple

Championing ‘Radical Acts’, the Harewood Biennial’s 2022 theme truly resonates with us. The very foundations on which we’ve built our business have often been considered radical. That being the process of transforming ‘waste’ into a material of wonder; something of beauty crafted from discarded matter, to behold, cherish, and reappropriate again if no longer required.

For this reason, it felt a natural fit to contribute to The Harewood Biennial’s stellar roster of exhibitors. From 27th May, visitors to the stunning Harewood House can experience Smile Plastics x ACAD Modular Seating installation, situated on the North lawn and overlooking the stately home. Designed in collaboration with Adrien Cugullière & Arthur Didier – aka ACAD – the customisable piece, which was originally created for Paris Design Week 2021 has been beautifully reimagined for Harewood.

Original ACAD Chair created using our Ocean material for Paris Design Week 2021
Original ACAD Chair created using our Ocean material for Paris Design Week 2021

The concept

When we were approached by ACAD for this collaboration, there was one key element of their pitch that jumped out at us: “simple assembly allows reuse on many occasions.” Reuse being at the heart of what we do here at Smile, and taking into account the crucial needs of pandemic-impacted environments to be flexible, the ACAD Seating seemed like the perfect product for what’s required in the here and now.

“With this chair installation, we wanted to highlight the quality and beauty of Smile Plastics’ upcycled plastics boards. We also wanted to raise the problem of waste in the event industry, proposing to answer it in favouring reuse for ephemeral installations.

“Once gathered, the minimal low chairs form an installation, made as an invitation to relax, exchange, and contemplate the landscape. The basic construction of the furniture allows easy assembly and storage, for various events, both short term and permanent, inside or outside.” - Adrien Cugullière & Arthur Didier, ACAD

A reimagining

The original Smile Plastics x ACAD Modular Seating installation was formed using our Ocean, Grey Mist, and Kaleido materials. And for this next bespoke iteration for The Harewood Biennial, we were keen to showcase a brand new mix, featuring Blue Dapple.

A striking, contemporary twist on the irregularly formed patterning of natural marble, swirling blue and white works together with the chunky geometric formation of the chair to present an eye-catching and inviting furniture installation, fit for both conversation or quiet contemplation, equally.

ACAD Chair in Blue Dapple on the road to Harewood
ACAD Chair in Blue Dapple on the road to Harewood

Complete customisation

In these preview images, you’ll see the ACAD Chairs in single and duo. Though on visiting Harewood, a full set of 12 pieces will be installed, including low stools designed to further encourage multi-directional seating. They will be reconfigured throughout the course of the exhibition to highlight their adaptable design and impressive versatility.

While the Chairs were originally produced with events in mind, they also respond to the call for flexible workspace furniture. The future of the workplace is a sector we’re dedicated to supporting – the Work Series II table created in conjunction with Another Country will be unveiled at next week’s Clerkenwell Design Week – and for designers looking for a flexible statement that’s underpinned by sustainability, it doesn’t come much better than our new product offering.

A celebration of craft

Smile Plastics x ACAD Modular Seating will be in situ just in time for the Jubilee bank holiday weekend (2 & 3 June). Why not pop down to Harewood and experience it for yourself? Relax, catch up with friends and family, and soak in your surroundings. After two years with minimal opportunity for attending events, we’re certainly looking forward to welcoming you with a Smile once again.

Smile Plastics x ACAD Modular Seating, created in collaboration with Adrien Cugullière & Arthur Didier will be exhibited at The Harwood Biennial from 27th May until 29th August 2022. Stay tuned for more images of the installation in full on our blog and social channels. And plan your visit here.